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They form an integrated construction kit of electronic signatures, electronic seals, various identification methods and approval means that make digitizing the last process mile simple and complete.

The foundation of our trust services


Electronic signature

The electronic signature is at the core of digital transformation, paving the way for secure completion of digital contracts.

Our cutting-edge remote signature software is a pan-European certified embedded platform that meets all legal requirements in the entire European Union according to the eIDAS regulation and in Switzerland according to the Federal Act on Certification Services (ZertES). An integrated broker assists users of the e-signature in identity verification, registering a signature release method, and ultimately in electronically signing a document. With simple standard interfaces (PAR and OICD), the solution can be seamlessly integrated into software partner applications for repeated e-signing. When creating an electronic signature, we handle your digital documents with utmost confidentiality and discretion, as we only sign hash values, ensuring that we do not have access to the content.


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Electronic seals

The electronic seal serves as a digital stamp for businesses or legal entities. It verifies the secure origin, with the identity of the sealing person being rigorously verified by us. Additionally, the seal provides protection against content manipulation, allowing changes to be traced back at any time.

Our sealing solution complies with the regulations of the Swiss Federal Act ZertES and the EU regulation eIDAS. It enables efficient and digital processing, allowing thousands of documents to be sealed with just one approval. This guarantees the security, integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity of documents - both in Switzerland and across Europe.

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Online Identification

Our electronic identity (eID) enables a secure and unique online identification of an individual. Secure online identification opens up numerous new opportunities on the web, while also allowing for registration for electronic signatures.

With our diverse range of identification methods, you only need to register once and can electronically sign for multiple years. These methods are tailored to your specific application area and can be selected and offered based on jurisdiction, e-signature level, and user preferences. We provide the best identification methods on the market and accredit them for e-signature registration in accordance with the EU eIDAS regulation and Swiss Federal Law ZertES. 


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Secure signature approval means

In a world where important transactions are conducted digitally, the focus is on user-friendliness and maximum security.

With our diverse range of two-factor authentication options integrated into our remote signature software, users can securely approve their electronic signature.

These authentication solutions can be used on various devices and are accredited as secure methods for approving electronic signatures in accordance with the EU regulation eIDAS and the Swiss Federal Law ZertES.

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