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Messenger Integration

Today, customers have very different requirements for interacting with brands and companies than they did just a few years ago. Customer communication via messenger services is therefore already standard in many places. Concluding a contract via this channel is the next logical step towards a seamless customer experience in the 21st century.


The strengths of messenger communication must not be jeopardised by complexity and media disruptions in identification. Otherwise there is a risk of the customer journey being interrupted.

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Chat bots have so far primarily served to inform customers. However, a next step for the future of digital business models is the automated conclusion of contracts via this channel


A generation that has grown up with messenger services as a natural part of everyday life is placing completely new demands on interaction with brands. Those who manage to map business processes

Customer Interaction

Switching back and forth between digital channels to sign documents is not intuitive. Signing contracts directly in Messenger makes the interaction more user-friendly and efficient.

Our solutions for messenger integration


Secure banking transactions directly in Messenger

After online banking and mobile banking comes conversational banking. To make the customer communication of banks and FinTech companies even more customer-friendly, the convenience of instant messaging can be combined with a electronic signature on documents. The electronic signature integrated into a chat makes the completely digital processing of business transactions possible with a pleasant and intuitive user experience. Messenger integration means the next step in digitalisation for banks. The electronic signature eliminates a bottleneck in the process and communication as well as the conclusion of contracts can take place via the same platform.

Solution components

Signing Service

The Signing Service is a cloud-based service for remote signatures. It can be easily integrated into existing instant messaging solutions using the Signing Service standard API. This allows end users to sign digital contracts directly in the messaging channel with a legally valid electronic signature, taking into account highly regulated compliance requirements. Learn more

Smart Registration Service

The Smart Registration Service (SRS) offers flexible possibilities for the identification of end customers in the messenger channel. The SRS couples the identification with an authentication for unlimited electronic signing. In this way, end customers can conclude a contract directly in the messenger channel in a legally compliant manner with a qualified electronic signature. In addition, it is possible to connect existing identification procedures and have them certified for the qualified signature. Learn more

Together with our partners to conclude a contract in Instant Messenger

“The Swisscom AIS Service is by far the most sophisticated qualified signature solution on the market. The enrollment process is well thought through and only takes a few minutes per user. Both eIDAS and ZertES are supported. With SecuChat, our secure instant messenger, we can therefore offer the most user-friendly electronic signature service for documents – it’s simple, fast and secure,” says Jean-Pierre Schmit, Jemmic CEO. Watch partner portrait of jemmic.

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