Contact RA Agency Support

Report login problem

Contact us if you experience difficulty logging into the RA App or RA Admin Portal. We will be happy to help you with your issue.
Note: To report additional RA Agents with login issues, you must complete and submit the form again.

Appoint an unknown user as RA Agent.

An invisible user is a person you cannot see in your RA Admin Portal because an RA Agent of another RA Agency has identified them. For data protection reasons, users registered using video identification or in a Swisscom shop, for example, will not be displayed in your RA Admin Portal.

General questions about the RA agency process

Contact us with general questions and problems about the RA agency process. We will be happy to help you with your concerns.

Report a security incident

Important note: Security incidents are irregularities in the identification operation with the RA App.
Examples: The Master RA Agent learns that:
  • An RA agent has not checked the data entered during identification, so names are truncated, or dates (date of birth, expiry date) are not entered correctly.
  • An RA agent has managed to use an inadmissible identification document for identification,
  • an RA agent was persuaded to carry out the identification, although the person to be identified only had an expired passport, and the RA agent, therefore, falsified the expiry date,
  • a person incited the RA agent to record his nickname "Mike" as his first name because he liked it better than his real name Michael.
We at Swisscom are obliged to check such incidents and take measures to prevent them, e.g., by improving the RA app or better training the RA agents.