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In this area, you will find exciting interviews and discussions from various industries, such as finance, HR or health. Our experts describe the current challenges in their fields, provide exciting solutions and show what opportunities electronic signatures and identification solutions can offer your company.



Jemmic develops secure applications for financial institutions. With its product SecuChat, a secure instant messenger, jemmic brings conversational banking into the bank and offers electronic signature of documents within it.  The video is in German.


Skribble is the platform for electronic signing – global, legally valid for simple contracts or contracts requiring written form. The video is in German.



Ajila specialises in the digitalisation of form-based business processes. Its experts represent the digital-first approach: customers expect companies to be able to conclude their contracts online. The video is in German.


OBJECT specialises in the areas of enterprise content management, capturing, DMS, collaboration, workflows (BPM), web portals and archiving and implements use case-related IT solutions for companies. In this interview, OBJECT CEO Oliver Huser reveals how companies can make the leap from the analogue world with extensive paper processes to the digital world. The video is in German.


Boris Holowka, Customer Success Manager at OBJECT, explains in the interview what companies should focus on in the next 2-3 years and how OBJECT supports you in the digital transformation. There are also exciting insights into which IT solutions OBJECT has ready in the seal and signature environment. The video is in German.



Coffreo focuses on the digitalisation of documents in temporary work. Find out whether digitalisation in temporary work is a necessary evil or a great opportunity in the discussion round together with experts from Dekra Arbeit and IGZ in Germany. The video is in German



With its MOXIS product, XiTrust – the signature company – contributes to making electronic signature processes secure for companies from various industries. In the interview, Frank Schuhmacher explains that with the help of the privacy-by-design approach, a MOXIS integration and installation ensures the data protection and regulatory requirements and can transparently show where the document data is processed. The video is in German.



Futurae Technologies (spin-off of ETH Zurich) offers a modular multi-factor authentication suite that provides a very high level of security, improves the user experience and protects the user’s privacy.  In the interview, Sandra Tobler, CEO of Futurae, gives an insight into various 2-factor authentications for the submission of electronic will documents and recommends a software-based authentication solution as state-of-the-art, which can be operated smoothly by the customer. The video is in English.



In the interview, we introduce you to ubitec. Ralf Jenzer, Managing Partner at ubitec, reveals to us, among other things, why the topics of identification and KYC processes in connection with smooth onboarding in the banking sector have become so relevant in recent months. The video is in German.