Swisscom Trust Services

We offer easy-to-integrate electronic signature services and online identity solutions in Europe to create trust in the digital world.

Advantages of our e-signature, e-Seal, and online ID solutions.

Together with our customers, we digitize business processes that enable efficient and faster processing of contract conclusions and transactions. Now, media disruptions belong to the past.

Our products

They form an integrated ecosystem of electronic signatures, electronic seals, various identification methods, and approval means that redefine the digital signing of contracts.

Our success stories

Digital finance processes by Swisscom Trust Services and RockOn Digital Evolution
Complete digital processes in the finance industry

Swisscom Trust Services and ROCKON Digital Evolution digitize challenging  and highly regulated processes for the financial provider Baloise.

Sign rental contracts electronically with Wincasa and Skribble
A fast and uncomplicated way to a digital rental contract

Wincasa and Skribble show how digitalization and optimized user experience can succeed in real estate.

SIX digitizes contract processing with  Swisscom Trust Services und DocuSign
SIX digitizes contract processing with Cloud Services

SIX can now process contracts digitally with legal validity by integrating Swisscom's qualified electronic signature into the existing DocuSign solution.

True Wealth digitize onboarding with fast track of Swisscom Trust Services
TrueWealth relies on the fast track for digitization

Customer experience without media discontinuity increases the conversion rate and speeds up contract conclusions: TrueWealth. 

Customers who rely on our trust

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