axelity provides its customers security, confidentiality, and trust in the digital business world. With years of expertise in digital identities, electronic signatures, and robust encryption, axelity empowers its customers to benefit from their extensive knowledge. By offering their signature solution actaSIGN, axelity seamlessly digitizes and integrates signature and approval processes into existing IT systems and workflows, resulting in significant time and cost savings, as well as ensuring sustainability and legal compliance.

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We provide digital signatures, security and confidentiality

axelity ag is a Swiss technology and consulting company and was founded in 2018.

We are experts with many years of professional competence and practical experience as well as a passion for digitization and digital transformation.

Solution overview


axelity is the manufacturer and provider of actaSIGN®. The innovative online platform enables companies to securely exchange, digitally complete and electronically sign documents. All you need is a device with Internet access, a modern browser and actaSIGN. The signature platform is operated in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and can also be integrated as an on-premise solution in your company.

With actaSIGN, companies digitize and accelerate their processes while reducing their costs. axelity guarantees that companies always remain capable of acting and that they promote security, confidentiality and trust in their daily business.

actaSIGN offers a holistic solution with all types of electronic signatures. When companies want to sign informal and legally non-relevant documents, they can get started immediately with the simple electronic signature (SES).

However, if there is a significant liability risk or a legal form requirement, it is reommended to use advanced or qualified electronic signatures. For this reason, axelity obtains the electronic signature solution from Swisscom Trust Services, an accredited trust service provider, which issues these types after successful identity verification.

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Solution advantages

Global usage

With actaSIGN, customers have the possibility to exchange and sign their documents anytime and anywhere. All they need is a modern browser and an Internet connection.

Highest security and trust

The data and documents are stored securely - Whether as a cloud solution with hosting in Switzerland and Liechtenstein or on-premise on the company servers.

actaSIGN offers simple. advanced and qualified electronic signatures according to ZertES and eIDAS.

Integration and branding

With an extensive REST API, actaSIGN can be integrated directly into an ERP, CRM or DMS. Additionally, actaSIGN can be designed in the branding of the company.

International standards

actaSIGN supports the common standards (CAdES, PAdES, etc.) for digital documents. When using FES and QES signatures, a qualified time stamp is always added, which enables a legally binding signature and the possibility for its independet validation.

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