The Transaction Economy is fundamentally changing the way people and businesses interact. Those who can offer business models that allow efficient, location-independent and completely digital processing with customers are the big winners of digitization. There are many examples of this from mobility, video streaming, sharing economy, cloud services, etc.
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Our Services

But how do you bring the principles of the Transaction Economy into strictly legally regulated areas?
This is where Swisscom Trust Services comes in with the integrated approach of
Signature, electronic identity and authentication...

Signature Service

The all-in Signing Service is a cloud-based service for legally valid electronic signature and time stamping for documents. Find out more

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Mobile ID

Mobile ID relates to two-factor authentications and permits secure logins, declarations of intent and the release of electronic signatures. Find out more

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RA Service

The RA App permits simple identification for the electronic signature and thereby eliminates the complex registration process previously used.

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