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«As a leading trust service provider in Europe, we enable the most innovative digital business models.»

Our partners are empowered to implement business models with their customers that enable efficient, location-independent and completely digital processing. Stay capable to act and sign electronically wherever you are - be it working remotely or from home office or due to geographical distance. Swisscom Trust Services offers its partners services related to legally valid electronic signatures, authentication and electronic identities, which enable these attractive models in strictly regulated business areas.
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Our Services

Signature Service

The all-in Signing Service is a cloud-based service for legally valid electronic signature and time stamping for documents. Find out more

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Mobile ID

Mobile ID relates to two-factor authentications and permits secure logins, declarations of intent and the release of electronic signatures. Find out more

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Smart Registration Service

The RA App permits simple identification for electronic signatures and thereby eliminates the complex registration process previously used.

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News & Insights


Webinar: Selected Signing Service

Join us on the 29.October


Swisscom Shops as registration authorities for qualified electronic signature!

Swisscom Shops as registration authorities for qualified electronic signature!


Press Release: FQX & Sygnum Bank & Swisscom Trust Services

FQX leverages Sygnum Bank’s DCHF stablecoin for instant settlement of electronic promissory note


Safe face-2-identification for electronic signature

Swisscom Trust Services presents a safe face-2-face identification with RA App.


Identification for electronic signature now available at Swisscom Shop Bern Bahnhof

Now you can identify and register for the electronic signature in the Swisscom Shop at Berne Main Station


Swisscom Trust Services offers free webinar

Would you like to learn more about the electronic signature? Come and join our webinar for free!


My Mobile ID is available now

Manage your Mobile ID with the new My Mobile ID management Dashboard


New Amendments of the Ordinance on the Signature Act (VZertES)

A new amendment to the Ordinance on the Signature Act now allows online identification in Switzerland for everyone for the qualified signature


Launch of RA Enterprise App Framework Service

Swisscom Trust Services solves the previous issue of double identification with a new application component.


New – identification for electronic signature at Swisscom Shop in Zurich Airport

From now on, you can identify and register for electronic signature in the Swisscom Shop at Zurich Airport for free!


Presse Release: Smart Registration Service

Swisscom Trust Services simplified through centralised platform the registration for qualified electronic signatures


Press Release: Swisscom Trust Services partners with Sysmosoft

Sysmosoft enables qualified electronic signing of contracts in the banking sector with Swisscom Trust Services


Press Release: Swisscom Trust Services partners with Signicat

Signicat partners with Swisscom Trust Services to integrate qualified electronic signatures into its Digital Identity Platform


Extended FAQs

New answers can be found in our updated FAQ.


Identify the world free of charge …

nearly ... but we approach our goal with the new version of our RA-App.


PrivaSphere brings solution with regard to Justitia 4.0

Privasphere expands its e-Justice solution to include Justitia 4.0