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Where can problems occur anywhere in the identification process of your online registration portal SRS Ident?

Problems can occur at different points in the identification process, so an individual analysis can be time-consuming and require many specialists. Examples are:

  • with our partner, who performs your identification,
  • at our website host, which does not start your registration request correctly,
  • when sending, delivering, or receiving SMS by the respective telephone company(ies),
  • when recognizing your ID document, the camera, the NFC receiver module,
  • with the app for the identification of the operating system of your mobile device,
  • on the release app,
  • in the event of rejection due to regulatory risk assessments,
  • when transmitting & matching registration data,
  • etc.

As you can see, many parties are involved in the process, and finding individual errors can be extremely time-consuming and is only sometimes possible in terms of time and staff. Unfortunately, the procedures are also so complex from a regulatory perspective that, as a rule, 5-10% can only sometimes be registered entirely online. With electronic identity, all countries are currently creating conditions for this to improve in the future.