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What happens if Swisscom no longer offers certification service in Switzerland or trust service in the EU?

Such a “shutdown” scenario is regulated by law. Swisscom's certificate policies and certificate practice statements (CP/CPS) for certification service or trust service in Switzerland and the EU describe the exact procedures. There is a shutdown plan, and our responsible supervisory authority and the Swiss Federal Office of Communication (BAKOM) will be notified. These authorities will usually appoint a potential successor who could offer the service to customers. Then, the successor typically receives the certification revocation list and the list of valid certificates, provided that Swisscom does not publish them. This list will be maintained for years so that the verification of valid signatures can be continued. The registered evidence of the services must be stored and kept according to the required archiving periods and even after the termination of 11 or 35 years. Swisscom or a designated successor must establish an archiving system for the registered evidence to use information in legal negotiations. The identification provided can no longer be used with a possible successor, i.e., new registrations are necessary.