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What happens if a certificate is compromised?

Swisscom issues only short-term certificates (so-called “one-shot” certificates) for personal certificates. One-Shot certificates have a lifetime of 10 minutes and are used for one electronic signing request. The probability that the certificate gets compromised during these 10 minutes is very low. After 10 minutes, the certificate is invalid and cannot be compromised. Due to Swisscom's compliance with long-term validation, the signature certificates can be validated for many years after expiry.

If Swisscom's entire Certification Authority (CA) for certification or trust services gets compromised, Swisscom describes its process in its certificate policies & certificate practice statements (CP/CPS)

If a signatory loses their authentication means or discovers their identity has been registered incorrectly, please inform our support team immediately.

If you have a contractual relationship with one of our partners, please contact them immediately. They take actions to block the identification and registration that is connected to your signature certificate. Eventually, you need to register again with your new authentication means. 

If a seal certificate has been compromised, please contact us here to get the certificate revocated.