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Swisscom uses standard PDF contracts – how can we adapt them to our needs?

Every year, Swisscom invests significant sums in ongoing audits. However, to place the offer of a trust service provider on the market at a reasonable price, this service is offered in a standardized form. That means, in particular:

  • The customer must adhere to the standard ordering process with the standard contract documents released by the auditors.
  • Further assessments by participants and the examination and acceptance of their contract texts are not included in the offer.

Many aspects of the trust service provider are subject not only to conditions in the execution of the service but also to the specification of essential obligations, liability regulations, and cooperation services in the contract documents. Therefore, these contract documents are subject to auditing or submitted to the state conformity assessment bodies. Therefore, no changes to the legal system can be accepted, nor can contractual enclosures of the participant be taken, especially if they are subject to foreign, applicable law.

If it is necessary to adapt contractual texts, add contractual regulations (e.g., your Code of Conduct, Data Protection Declaration, NDA, etc.), process particular assessment questionnaires, or if you have even discovered errors or unclear formulations, please report these to Swisscom Trust Services product management.

If any errors or ambiguities are apparent, a corresponding change process is initiated by the product management of Swisscom Trust Services and implemented as quickly as possible.

For evaluating other questions, a processing team is formed that draws on the relevant experts (e.g., legal department, security officer, compliance officer, etc.) and evaluates the request. A project-specific fee of CHF 6,000 is due for this. If the team of experts cannot work out a solution directly, it will prepare an answer and an offer, which will present and assess further steps for Swisscom.