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I completed the RA agent basic e-learning but cannot log in to the RA app. Why not?

Option 1: You still need to answer all knowledge questions in the e-learning. Please answer all knowledge questions to reach the green cup. After finishing the e-learning, you will receive another SMS with the link to the duties of RA agents. Only after you have accepted these duties can you log in to the RA App.

Option 2: You have:

  • Forgotten your secure password when using password & SMS code method (PWD/OTP) as signature approval means and login method to the RA app.
  • Activated the Mobile ID (SIM or app) after your initial identification where you might have registered password & SMS code method (PWD/OTP)
  • Re-activated the Mobile ID app or changed the Mobile PIN without using the Mobile ID recovery code.
  • Received a new SIM card, eSIM, mobile phone number, changed your mobile phone provider

In any of these events, Swisscom can no longer guarantee that the affected person owns their phone number, is verified during their initial identification, and is a valid RA agent. For security reasons, you need to get re-identified by another RA agent in your company and ask your Master RA agent to reassign the RA Agent role to you.

On our Smartflow website, you can check your current registration status for the electronic signature at any time.

Please check also on our website check signature, if you are correctly registered for the electronic signature.

A note for Master RA agents: You must delete the RA agent role and reassign it to the affected person again in the RA admin portal.