SRS Auto Ident CH - independent online identification

Requirements, service hours, supported languages, required ID documents, registration for signature level…

In cooperation with our partner Intrum, SRS Auto Ident CH is an intuitive and AI-based identification in which a person can identify independently without interacting with an agent. The identification method enables the identification and registration for: 

  • QES in Switzerland according to Swiss Signature Act ZertES
  • AES in EU/EEA according to EU regulation eIDAS.

After successful auto identification, a person can sign electronically for up to 2 years without re-registration.

Supported languages are:

  • German, English, French, and Italian

Service hours of SRS Auto Ident CH are 24 hours / 7 days.

SRS Auto Ident CH supports the following ID documents:

  • ID cards of EU/EEA belonging to the Schengen area
  • all passports

You can also check the current list of supported ID documents by Intrum.

SRS Auto Ident CH customers require a stable internet connection on their mobile phones.