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Is only a Mobile ID or password & SMS code method (PWD/OTP) possible for signature approval?

We are currently working on expanding different signature approval means, in particular, authentication means that do not require receiving an SMS.

In Switzerland, we switch the Mobile ID SIM to password & SMS code method (PWD/OTP) fallback mode by default if a customer has not activated Mobile ID SIM on their SIM card yet. In the EU/EEA, we work with the Mobile ID App, but customers can also use password & SMS code method (PWD/OTP).

The Mobile ID app is based on the Mobile ID interface, offering fingerprint or face recognition for authentication. This app only requires an Internet connection during authentication and can be used internationally. However, an international SIM card (mobile phone number) is still needed to set up the app. Please visit https://mobileid.ch for more information.

Other authentication methods are also possible, but KPMG must approve these. This requires signing an onboarding support contract with Swisscom Trust Services, which regulates the implementation concept and the execution of the audit. New signature approval methods must be authorized separately for ZertES and eIDAS.