I got the message, “We noticed that you have changed your authentication method for the signature. In specific cases, you must get re-identified”. What do I have to do?

This message is triggered in two cases:

a) You initially got identified by an RA agent with the RA app, and afterward, you changed something on your mobile phone, or your signature approval means e.g.

  • Change of SIM card or mobile phone number,
  • re-activating Mobile ID without recovery code,
  • change from password & SMS code method (PWD/OTP) to Mobile ID

In this case, you need to get re-identified to be able to sign with a qualified electronic signature.

b) There are new terms and conditions of the Signing Service available. If you accept these with a different signature approval means, apart from your last successful signature approval method (Mobile ID or PWD/OTP), you must get re-identified and re-registered for the qualified electronic signature.