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I cannot log into the RA admin portal as a Master RA Agent. What shall I do?

Try the following:

  • Restart your mobile phone: as we all know, a reboot is always good for you!
  • For Mobile ID users: please test your Mobile ID on the Mobile ID Dashboard

In the following situations, you need to be identified again.
You have:

  • A new mobile number,
  • A new SIM card,
  • A new mobile phone,
  • switched to eSIM,
  • activated your Mobile ID SIM or Mobile ID App without using the recovery code,
  • Changed your signature approval method, e.g., from Mobile ID SIM to Mobile ID app or vice versa; from password SMS code method to Mobile ID and vice versa.
  • Changed your secure password when using the password/SMS code procedure
  • transferred your mobile phone contract, e.g., the changed provider
  • got a new passport or ID card because the old document had expired.

Please check on our check signature website, if you are correctly registered for the electronic signature.

Please also check our Smartflow website, to check your current registration status for your electronic signature.

You'll need a successful result on both pages to log in; otherwise, you'll need to get registered again.

After re-identification, you must also ask your deputy Master RA agent to re-assign the Master RA agent role to you in the RA admin portal, as there is a new user entry.