How to use RA app correctly for a face-to-face identification

A checklist of how to identify a person correctly with RA app

The Swisscom RA app is available to download in Google PlayStore for Android and App Store for iOS. Just search for Swisscom RA.


In order to use the RA app for face-to-face identification, you must complete the RA agent basic e-learning. To gain access to the e-learning, you need to ask your responsible Master RA agent to assign the RA agent role to you.

Starting the RA App

After downloading and starting the RA app for the first time, walk through the welcome screens and check out the new features. You may also enter the contact details of your Master RA agent in this process step.

Welcome-Screen1 Welcome-Screen2 Welcome-Screen3 Welcome-Screen4 Welcome-Screen5

RA app Login

Log in with your RA agent credentials:

  • your registered mobile number
  • the name of your registration authority - you've received the name of the registration authority in a SMS after completing the RA agent basic e-learning

You confirm your login using either Mobile ID (App or SIM) or password and SMS code method (PWD/OTP)

Step 1-1

If you have questions or issues with your login:

  • Check the Login failed link in the app,
  • Read our article important troubleshooting for Master and Standard RA agents
  • Test your electronic signature on our Check Signature website. If the result is unsuccessful, you need to get re-identified and your Master RA agent need to re-assign the RA agent role to you.
  • Check if you have the latest update of the RA app on your mobile phone
  • Attention: For security reasons, the RA app won't start, if your mobile phone is "jailbroken"

Performing a successful identification with RA App


1. To start identification click in the plus sign


Step 2


2. For data security reasons, get privacy consent of person to gather personal data


Step 3_2


3. Click on Step 1 "Scan ID document"

  • Ask the person you are identifying for a valid ID document (either ID card or passport)
  • Recommended: Compare passport or ID photo with the person to be identified
  • Check the current list of supported ID documents by country
  • If you have doubts with the presented ID document or the person to be identified, you can:
    • abort the identification process immediately, or
    • request another ID document with a more recent photo, or
    • ask the person  for a handwritten signature to compare it with the signature on their presented ID document
  • You can report any fake ID documents as a security incident to our RA agency support
Step 4


4. Scan presented ID document (ID card or passport)

  • To scan, place the ID document in the highlighted zone
    • For ID Cards: Please scan front and back side (incl. side with machine-readable zone – MRZ)
    • For passport: Only scanning the side with the machine-readable zone is necessary

Hint: Place the ID card so that it is completely displayed and not cut off. The card must completely fill the frame, the system will automatically crop the scan correctly.

Step 5_1


5. Check scanned ID data and correct if mistakes occur

  • Check if all data is correctly scanned. If not correct the data by clicking into the fields
  • Pay especially attention to:
    • Country specific letters (e.g. ä,ö,ü,ñ, ç, etc.)
    • Accents (è,é,â)
    • Truncated names (e.g. HANS-MICHA - the person's name could be HANS-MICHAEL)
Remember: You always need to enter the ID data as it is printed on the shown ID document (not the MRZ!) 
Step 6_1_NOK

Not OK

Step 6_1_OK


5a Check if the image of the ID document is in good quality

  • If the scanned photo of the ID document is blurry, cut off or not readable, please repeat the scanning process!
  • Scroll down in the app, if more than one sample ID document is available.
Step 6_2


6. Check the authenticity of the presented ID document

  • On the physical ID document check optical and haptical security features as a shown in the RA App
Step 7


7. Click on Step 2 "Confirm information"

Step 8


8. Show the summary of the ID data to the person and ask for correctness

  • If there are still any mistakes, you can correct themby clicking on "Modify information"
Step 9


8a If information is incorrect, you can still edit the data by clicking into the respective fields



9. Select prefered language of identified person


Step 10_1


10. Click on step 3 "Proof of presence"

Step 11


11. Take a picture of the person with their ID document in hand


Step 12_1


11a. If you need help how to take the picture just click on "Help"



12. Check if the photo taken is in good quality

  • The photo won't be saved on your mobile phone!
Step 12_2


13. Click on Step 4 "Verify mobile number"

Step 13


14. Enter the person's mobile number and click "submit"

Step 14_1


15. Enter the 4-digit code, which the person receives via SMS

  • The identified person receives a 4-digit code via SMS on their mobile phone. The RA agents needs to enter this 4-digit SMS-code into the RA App and click on "Verify"
  • you no longer have to call the person
  • If the person doesn't receive the SMS-code, the RA agent can "Resend" a new code via the RA App
Step 15_2


16. Click on "I confirm" and use either Mobile ID (app or SIM) or the password and SMS code method (PWD/OTP)

Step 16


17. Identification successful

  • Remind the person that they will receive a SMS with a link to the current terms of use of the Signing Service
  • After accepting the terms of use, the person is completly registered for the electronic signature
Step 17



Attention: It is of utmost importance to handle the identification and registration process of a person with great care when using the RA app. Take your time and make sure to enter the correct ID information for the individual person. This is crucial for maintaining accuracy and security within the app. If any incorrect ID data is entered, it can cause a security incident and should be reported to our RA agency support.

Additional functionalities

1. Help Section

There is a new help section available where you can enter the contact information of your Master RA Agent (in case you need support), get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and find the link to the printout of the RA agent basic e-learning.

Help section

2. Last Activities

In the area of last activities, you will find your successful and failed identifications of people

Last activities

3. Settings

In the setting you can see your login data, current app version, change the app language. Here you can logout