How to activate the Mobile ID SIM on your mobile phone.

Mobile ID SIM is a 2-factor authentication solution that enables secure approval for qualified electronic signatures (signature approval means). It is already pre-installed on a Swiss SIM card with a valid Swiss mobile number and supported by Switzerland's largest telecommunication providers.

During the activation process, you set a 6-digit Mobile ID Pin for future signature approval.

Kindly note: If you get identified and registered by an RA agent for the electronic signature, please activate the Mobile ID app BEFORE the identification process.

How the activation of the Mobile ID SIM works for the first time


1. Log in to the Mobile ID Dashboard on your Desktop

Step1_Mobile Nummer eingeben_Desktop_EN

2. Start the activation by clicking on the "Activate" box


Step2_Aktivieren Button klicken_Desktop_EN

3. Select the SIM Method

Step3_SIM Methode auswählen_Desktop_EN

4. Agree to the terms and conditions

Step 4_Nutzungsbestimmungen akzeptieren_Desktop_EN

5. Define your 6-digit Mobile ID Pin on your smartphone


Step 5_MID PIN definieren_Mobile_EN

6. Confirm your set Mobile ID PIN


Step 5_MID Pin bestätigen_Mobile_EN

7. Write down the generated Mobile ID recovery code and store it safely

Hint: We recommend that you also write down the date of generation


Step 6_ Wiederherstellungscode notieren_Desktop_EN