How to activate the Mobile ID app on your mobile phone

The Mobile ID app is a 2-factor authentication solution that enables secure approval for qualified electronic signatures (signature approval means). To approve a signature, use your preferred locking method on your mobile phone (e.g., fingerprint, device pin, Face ID, etc.)

Kindly note: If you get identified and registered by an RA agent for the electronic signature, please activate the Mobile ID app BEFORE the identification process.

You can also find a video manual on YouTube.

How the in-app activation of the Mobile ID app works for the first time.

1. Download the Mobile ID app from iOS or Android app store



2. Open the app and add an account


Step1_Account hinzufügen_EN

3. Click on Continue (I don't have a QR code)


Step2_Ohne QR Code_EN

4. Enter your mobile number and agree to the terms and conditions



5. Write down your generated recovery code and store it safely! 

Hint: You can also add the date of recovery code generation.

Step5_Recovery Code_EN

6. Your Mobile ID app account is set up


Step6_Account hinzugefügt_EN