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How can I order electronic seals as a company?

In general, the company should appoint representatives. These representatives should be registered in a commercial or business register or hold respective powers of attorney of the company. The representatives must be identified by a registration authority agent (RA agent) or via our online registration portal.

When sealing, the SSL access certificate between the customer's signature application and Swisscom serves as the company's approval means. Therefore, the company's representative must pass the access certificate to Swisscom.

In the case of advanced seals, a simple consignment is sufficient. In the case of qualified seals, the representatives and Swisscom generate the access certificate together in a joint transfer ceremony. The company's representatives are required to store their private key on a crypto device (standard: FIPS 140-2 level 2 minimum).

Kindly note: in Switzerland, only companies registered in the UID register can order electronic seals.