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How can I detect incorrect registrations by an RA agent of my RA agency?

An RA agent often reports to the Master RA agent on their initiative because they are unsure about their correct usage of the RA app. Or you, as the Master RA Agent, see names in your users’ data in the RA admin portal that are incorrect, e.g., “Dtto” instead of “Otto” or “Alexan” instead of “Alexandra.” In such cases, the RA agent has to repeat the identification and registration with the RA app of the respective person, and you, as Master RA agent, should remind your RA agents of their duties or even trigger a training again via the RA admin portal.

Unfortunately, no reliable method exists to detect incorrect registrations, except for the concrete check of user entries based on the ID documents presented during identification. However, we at Swisscom or our auditors only carry out such checks randomly.