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Does the RA agent have to be authorized by Swisscom if it identifies persons for signatures according to EU and Swiss law?

This happens indirectly. In practice, the process works as follows:

  1. An organization signs the RA agency contract with Swisscom.
  2. In the RA agency contract, the organization defines the initial Master RA agent as becoming responsible for the RA agency.
  3. The initial Master RA agents get identified either by Swisscom or in an online identification via our online registration portal SRS Ident.
  4. After successfully identifying the Master RA agent, Swisscom sets up the organization's RA agency and the RA admin portal and assigns the Master RA agent role.
  5. The initial Master RA performs two e-learnings about the responsibilities of the RA agency as Master RA agent and the usage of the RA app.
  6. After the training, the Master RA agent can access the RA admin portal and the RA app, start administering the organization's RA agency, appoint new RA agents, and identify the person for the electronic signature according to EU and Swiss law. If the Master RA agent assigns new RA agents within the RA agency, they must perform the RA agent's basic e-learning.