Smart Registration

legally compliant identification and registration for electronic signature

The electronic signature requires a unique identification of the user. Our Smart Registration Service (SRS) enables the coupling of identification with an authentication method for electronic signing without re-identification for each signature. This includes a bundle of various identification methods, e.g. SRS Video, SRS Bank, SRS Direct or SRS eID. The SRS offers a standardised interface that you can flexibly integrate into your workflow to enable your end customers to use electronic signatures. You can find an example of such an integration on our identification page.


With a one-time registration and identification by SRS, your customers can sign multiple times and use the Signing Service. Depending on the identification method, signing can take place over a certain period of time, e.g. 5 years with a video identification. In the signature process, you only use authentication method to express the declaration of intent for the signature.


You choose the most suitable identification methods for your process and offer this to your end customers based on their requirements, matching:

  • the legal area EU or Switzerland in which the signature should take place,
  • the legal weight of the signature: qualified or advanced
  • the technical possibilities that your end customer has.

Best methods on the market

With the integration of the Smart Registration Service, you gain access to the best and most innovative methods for identification on the market. This enables you to quickly and efficiently empower your end customers with electronic signatures.

Legally Compliant

Our auditors continuously check our processes and systems as an accredited certification authority and provider of trust services in the EU and Switzerland (in accordance with eIDAS and ZertES). At the same time, all registration procedures offered in the SRS are permitted in the relevant jurisdictions according to the legal weight of the signature (qualified or advanced).

The integration of Smart Registration Service

As a service provider or partner of a signature application, you can integrate the Smart Registration Service interface (API) with little effort and time because the interface is based on proven standard protocols. We provide to you a detailed integration guide and online documentation. Thus, you can offer your end customers the possibility to identify themselves for the electronic signature directly in your application. Access and authorisation of the service is done via an access key provided by Swisscom.

How does the Smart Registration Service work after integration?

  1. The service provider’s customer portal requests the catalogue of possible identification methods (e.g. SRS Video, SRS Bank or SRS eID) from Swisscom. The approved jurisdiction (eiDAS – EU/ ZertES – Switzerland) and the signature level (advanced or qualified) are transmitted.
  2. The service provider selects the appropriate identification methods for its customer portal.
  3. Swisscom opens an order with the identification partner and provides a URL for the end customer in the service provider’s customer portal.
  4. The end customer is redirected to the portal of the identification partner and goes through the identification process according to the selected identification method.
  5. The identification partner provides Swisscom with the evidence data of the identification and the registered authentication method.
  6. Swisscom sends an SMS to the end customer via the mobile number specified in the identification process with a request to agree to the terms of use.
  7. The end customer opens the link in the SMS and agrees to the terms of use on the Swisscom portal.
  8. The service provider has the option of using the end customer’s identification data for its own purposes.

Connection of your own identification method

As a service provider, partner of signature application or identity provider, you also have the option of connecting your own identification method to the Smart Registration Service. The integration requires compliance with the requirements of the legislation and applicable regulations as well as an implementation concept and, if necessary, an audit. We support you in the creation of the implementation concept and the audit process and submit the release for your procedure to the responsible authorities for approval. You can find more information in our White Paper.

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Process steps

All identification methods have the task of ensuring your identity based on your identification documents or other recognised proof. In a second step, your authentication method based on the your mobile number is linked to your identification. In this process, the collected data is electronically signed by the responsible identification or registration authority and stored as evidence in the SRS in a specially protected database. Foreach record, the SRS sends an SMS confirmation to the user to accept the terms of use of the signing service.

1. Video call to an agent

You’ll receive your personal web address or be redirected directly to the video identification service. In order to guarantee good quality while performing the video call and identification, you can download the identification partner’s app for optimal camera and microphone use. You can find instructions for downloading the app on the respective website. German and English tongues are supported.

2. Proof identity based on ID document

In contact with the video agent, you must show front- and backside of your ID card or passport. You may have to move your ID document back and forth so that the video agent of the identification partner can recognise the optical security features. The video agent may also ask you certain security questions, e.g. content questions about your ID card or requests you to do certain gestures in front of the camera. In this way, the agent checks your “liveness” and can rule out a prefabricated “fake video”.

3. Verify mobile number and confirm SMS

To complete the registration, you must enter your mobile number. You verify your mobile number by receiving a one-time password via text message. Thereafter, the video identification is completed. Then, you’ll receive another SMS with a link to a web address to the terms of use of Swisscom Trust Services in order to use the Signing Service.

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1. Verification of personal data

You’ll receive a web address or be redirected directly to the bank identification service. In the web mask, you will be asked to enter your personal data, e.g. name, residential address, date of birth, place of birth and nationality as well as your mobile number. If you have already provided your personal data to your signature application provider, they will be displayed automatically, and you can correct them. Your name must exactly match the name that you have specified for your current account at your bank.

2. e-Banking Login with reference transaction

Now enter your login data for e-Banking. Almost all German banks support the identification. Then, you initiate a €0.10 transfer to the identification partner using your bank’s transaction confirmation method (e.g. Bank Specific App, Flicker-TAN, etc.). The 10 cents will be transferred back after a few days.

3. Verify mobile number and confirm SMS

Now your entered mobile number will be checked. It should be the mobile number that you have linked to the Mobile ID authenticator app and you like using for the signature in the future. For this purpose, you will receive a one-time password via text message and then confirm this in the web mask. Your video identification is now completed. Then you’ll receive another SMS with the link to the terms of use of Swisscom Trust Services in order to us the Signing Service

Discover identification methods

1. Find public registration authority near you

Using the map of Switzerland, you can search for a public registration authority for the signature near you. Many Swisscom shops throughout Switzerland offer this service of free registration for the signature. Make sure that you only visit a shop that is listed. Before visiting the shop, make sure that you have linked your authentication method Mobile ID or Mobile ID app to your mobile number.

To SRS Direct

2. RA agent verifies personally your identity

You visit the shop in person and ask for an “electronic signature registration”. An employee of the shop, who is trained as an RA agent, asks for your valid ID or passport, scans and checks your identity data with the RA app. Based on the visual and haptic features, the employee verifies the authenticity of your ID document. Afterwards, the RA Agent takes a photo of you as proof of your personal presence.

3. Verify mobile number and confirm SMS

Finally, the shop employee asks for your mobile number, which you’d like to use for your signature in the future. For this, the agent checks your mobile number by giving you a quick call on your mobile phone to make sure that it is correct. Afterwards, the RA agent confirms the registration and you’ll automatically receive an SMS with the link to the terms of use of Swisscom Trust Services in order to use the Signing Service.

Discover identification methods

1. Start eID method and download app

After entering your personal data, you will receive your personal web address or be redirected directly to the identification provider for the eID. In order to guarantee a good quality of the eID identification, you can download the app of the identification partner. You can find instructions for downloading the app on the respective website.

2. Proof identity using electronic German identity card

In the app of the identification provider, you enter your family name and the code displayed on the website to start the process. In the process, you select your available ID document (German ID, German passport or residence permit), verify your mobile number and scan the ID document. Then, with your consent, the data is read out of the ID document by entering your personal ID pin and using the NFC function of your mobile phone.

3. Accept terms of use

After completing the eID identification in the app, you will receive an SMS with a link to the terms of use of Swisscom Trust Services so that you can use the signing service.

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