Efficiency of signature by authentication

Not every person wants to go through an identification process every time, especially for a signature in the professional environment. The unique identification and the independent signature with secure 2-factor authentication is extremely efficient in everyday life.

Choice of identification methods

Swisscom is expanding its possibilities for different identification methods:

  • SRS Video (identification via video)
  • SRS Bank (identification with logIn into your own bank account)
  • SRS eID (identification based on the German electronic identity card)
  • SRS Courier service
  • SRS Direct (identification at point-of-sale or by an RA Agent with RA-app)

With the RA app, any RA agent can become and is carried out by the identification process, which supports over 100 nations worldwide.


Legally compliant

Secure storage of the proof of identification

No provision and management of own databases for the legal long-term storage of identification documents.

Security and data protection

Storage of data in highly available, secure data centers in Switzerland.

Secure and approved two-factor authentication methods

In the Smart Registration Service, identification is combined with a two-factor authentication, which is approved for signature by regulators in the EU and Switzerland. Through these methods, the signer confirms its identity during the signature and expresses the will to sign. The following procedures are available:


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The registration process

All identification procedures, as well as the RA app, must first ensure identity on the basis of identification documents (passport, ID card) or other acknowledged methods (like bank login or eID).
In a second step, an authentication means is connected to the identification based on the mobile phone number. The collected data (evidence of identification) is signed by the responsible identification body or in case of a RA app by the RA agent and stored as evidence in the Smart Registration Service in a specially protected database. For each evidence, the Smart Registration Service sends a confirmation SMS to the identified person. This contains a URL to the terms of use of the Swisscom Trust Services. Upon confirmation of these terms of use, the identified person can sign using its chosen method for authentication: password/one-time password, MobileID or MobileID Authenticator App .

By the way the abbreviation RA is derived from "Registration Authority"

Example Identification by RA-App: Identification in less than 2 minutes

Login with two factor authentication by a RA-Agent

Select country & ID document type

Scan document and take a picture of the person

Check data provided by the OCR

Check that the mobile number for future authentication is existant

Submit the data to the Smart Registration Service

RA-App: Scalability by RA Agent network

Customers and partners conclude an RA agency contract. The partner designates a first RA agent, the so-called “RA Master Agent”. This RA Master Agent must be identified by Swisscom or a Swisscom partner. After a first remote training with Swisscom he can identify other colleagues and determine them as RA agents and RA master agents. RA agents can then download and install the “Swisscom RA” app from the Android or iOS App Store. After successfully completing an e-learning training session, they can log in to the Swisscom RA app and carry out identifications.

The RA Master Agents have access to an administration portal of the RA Services to manage the RA (Master) agents. This allows the organization to build a proper network of RA agents for identification through self roll-out.

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