Smart Registration Service

Legally valid identification and registration solution for the electronic signature.

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Online identification

Online identification methods for registration for electronic signature

Electronic signatures require unique identification and registration of individuals. Our Smart Registration Service (SRS) links a person's electronic identity with a registered authentication method, which is subsequently used as a means of release for the electronic signature. The SRS contains a selection of various identification methods that can be flexibly integrated into a digital solution via a simple and standardized interface.


Overview of identification methods

Your advantages through an integration of the Smart Registration Service


With a one-time registration via the SRS, customers can sign electronically as often as they like. Depending on the identification method, signing for several years without re-identifying is possible. Only the registered authentication solution is used to release the signature in the signature process.

You select the right identification methods for your process and offer them to your customers based on their requirements appropriately:
  • to the EU or Swiss jurisdiction in which the signature is to take place,
  • the signature level: qualified or advanced
  • the technical possibilities your customer has.
Best methods on the market

The SRS integration gives you access to state-of-the-art methods for identification. This allows you to register your customers quickly and efficiently for electronic signatures.

Legally valid

Our auditors continuously check our processes and systems as an accredited certification body and trust service provider in the EU and Switzerland. At the same time, all identification methods offered at SRS are approved according to the signature level (qualified or advanced) in the corresponding jurisdictions.

The integration of the Smart Registration Service

Integrating the Smart Registration Service interface into a signature application can be implemented with little effort and time and is based on proven standard protocols. A detailed integration guide and online documentation are also provided for this purpose. The provider of the signature application can thus offer its customers the possibility to identify themselves for the electronic signature directly in the application. The service is accessed and authorized via an access key provided by Swisscom.


Connection of an own identification method

As a customer or identity provider, you can also connect your identification method to the Smart Registration Service. The integration requires compliance with the requirements of the legislation and applicable regulations, as well as an implementation concept and, if necessary, an audit. Swisscom Trust Services supports you in creating the implementation concept and the audit process and submits the release for your procedure to the responsible authorities for approval.

In addition to integration as a detached registration method parallel to the signature solution, as described in detail below, selecting and implementing the registration procedure directly in the signature flow is possible. This is useful if, for example, a user is not (or no longer) registered and has been invited to sign. The appropriate authentication solution for the signature release can also be selected here.

How the Smart Registration Service works after integration


The signature application requests the catalog of possible identification methods from Swisscom. In the process, the authorized jurisdiction and the signature level are transmitted to Swisscom.


For its application, the provider selects the appropriate identification methods for its signature application to offer to its customers.


Swisscom opens an order with the identification solution partner and provides a URL for the customer in the signature application.


The end customer is redirected to the portal of the identification partner and goes through the identification process according to the selected identification method.


The identification partner transfers to Swisscom the evidence data of the identification and the registered authentication method from the customer.


Using the mobile number specified and verified in the identification process, Swisscom sends an SMS to the customer requesting acceptance of the terms of use unless the terms of use have already been accepted.


The customer opens the link in the SMS and agrees to the terms of use on the Swisscom portal.


As an option, the signature application can use the captured identification data of the customer for its purposes, e.g., for combating money laundering. It can only be used with IDnow (SRS Video EU) and Intrum (SRS Video Ident CH) identification methods.

Legal & Certified

With the Smart Registration Service as your identification solution, you are choosing the only pan-European service provider that enables legally valid qualified electronic signing, taking into account industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. We are an accredited Trust Service Provider and adhere to various standards, requirements, and laws.

EU Regulation eIDAS

Swiss Federal Law ZertES

ETSI standards for PKI

 EN 319401, EN 319411-1, EN 319411-2