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Form processes

In case of complex contract content, it can quickly happen that forms pile up on the customers, partners side of within the company itself. However, this should be avoided from the point of view of a good user experience, as it creates unnecessary waiting times. Instead, companies should design digital processes that can be tracked in real time, require little administrative effort and meet all security and compliance requirements.

User Expierence from a single source

An online form process must be designed in a way that the customer does not abort the process and fills out the forms completely. There should be neither duplications in input field nor unnecessary waiting times. In addition, customers need a clear signal in which step of the process they are in.

Contract creation from form data

In the backend, the challenge is that customer’s input data for the form can directly generate a contract text. Companies need solutions that take over this task automatically and can output a contract in PDF format, for example.

Simple integration of signature

At the end of the digital process, customers need to sign the contract, just as they normally would do on the spot. This electronic signature should be integrated frictionless into the process so that no additional complications and time delays arise.

Variety of
use cases

There are diverse forms for different use cases. In the case of insurance policies, they differ depending on the policy. For example, a household insurance policy requires different information data in comparison to a car insurance policy. As a result, companies need to ensure that their digital form processes remain adaptive.

Our solutions for form processes


A basic form process for different use cases

Swisscom Trust Services has partners who have very good experience in designing a wide range of digital form processes. For standard applications, you can rely on proven solutions. Thanks to building components for various integrations, these processes are very scalable and can be adapted to new situations. They are also optimised for different end devices to ensure the best possible user experience.


However, just as important as the frontend and user expierence of the application is the backend integration in existing systems, such as ERP. With a properly implemented process, companies can easily design various forms for different applications and end devices of their customers. This saves time as well as resources and increases the conversion rate. The electronic signature from Swisscom Trust Services ensures that a legally valid contract can be concluded at the end of the process.


Temporary employment contracts – from creation to signature

Personnel service providers have to manage a high volume of employment contracts in a short time and are therefore predestined for time-saving digital solutions. Smart solutions can reduce administrative work, avoid errors and minimise costs. Digital processes also benefit temporary workers, who can sign faster and more flexibly. A digital workflow also helps to avoid unnecessary paper and interfaces to company systems automate filing.


Everyone involved benefits from the digitisation of temporary employment and employee leasing contracts and Swisscom Trust Services ensures that compliance and legal certainty are maintained.


Conclude policies legally and in real time

Many insurance policies can already be concluded digitally. However, some more complex offers are subject to the written form requirement. With innovative solutions for form processes by Swisscom Trust Services and its partners, this application can also be designed digital. Especially with more complex policies, there is usually a need for advice at first and the required forms are not trivial. A digital process that allows joint filling out of forms provides a remedy here: an advisor can see in real time what information a customer is providing and give him tips accordingly.


Thanks to an electronic signature, insurance customers can legally sign the contract at the end of the process. With this process, companies can offer a very similar user experience in a digital matter as they do in the meeting room on site.

«We are working with Swisscom Trust Services for a very long time. The benefits of the partnership with Swisscom Trust Services are that they enable us to offer our digital contract and form solutions: we integrate their electronic signature and online identity solutions into our portfolio. This allows our customers to digitally map and use all their documents and customer contracts, across the entire lifecycle (one Voice to YOUR Customer), increasing efficiency and conversion rates. Working with Swisscom Trust Services is a lot of fun!»

Beat Steiner

Co-founder and CEO, Ajila

Solution components

Signing Service

The Signing Service is a cloud-based service for remote signatures. It can be easily integrated into existing form processes using the Signing Service’s standard API. This allows companies to add electronic signing capabilities to their forms processes while taking into account the highly regulated compliance requirements in their respective markets. Learn more

Smart Registration Service

The Smart Registration Service (SRS) can be integrated with a simple API to a form process and offers diverse methods for identification. The SRS takes over the coupling of identification with an authentication method and enables unlimited electronic signing. The service enables end customers to use the qualified electronic signature in an existing form process and to sign digital contracts directly afterwards. In addition, it is possible to connect existing identification procedures and have them certified for the qualified signature. Learn more

Authentication Methods

Our authentication methods (e.g. Mobile ID) are the most secure two-factor authentications on the market and enable an electronic declaration of intent and the triggering of the electronic signature – whether at home or in the office. All what you need is a mobile phone with the authentication method already installed (e.g. Mobile ID, Banking App, etc.). These methods offer the most convenient completion of a digital form process. Learn more

Together with our partners to digital form process

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