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Why is the service focussed on EU/EEA/CH signatories?

Signatories with residency outside EU/EEA/CH are sometimes blocked and cannot use this service.

When including signatories who are resident outside the EU/CH/EEA, there are always at least the following points to consider:

- To what extent are relevant requirements of the GDPR (EU) fulfilled?
- To what extent are relevant requirements of the DPA (CH) fulfilled?
- Is there a data protection law in this country that has extraterritorial effect (i.e. similar to the GDPR/DSG)? If so, does Swisscom comply with it?
- Since Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. and Swisscom IT Services Finance S.E. have a B2C contractual relationship with the terms of use, do they comply with the local regulations of consumer protection law in this country?
- Are there any further restrictions, e.g. export restrictions on cryptographic functions?

With some countries, the possibility of signing already fails on the first 3 issues. In these countries the Data Protection Act prohibits the collection of data from persons resident in their country unless the processing takes place in the country itself (probably also to enable surveillance by the authorities). Their law applies extraterritorially.