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What is an advanced and qualified electronic signature? What is the difference between these signatures?

Advanced and Qualified are expressions from the signature laws and designate the level or probative value of electronic signatures and digital certificates.

Qualified electronic signature (QES) is the highest signature level and is equal to handwritten signatures according to law. There are strict rules detailed for the design of the signature and increased regulatory requirements, which Swisscom fulfills. Swisscom Trust Services is an accredited trust service provider that can issue qualified electronic signatures with digital certificates.

Advanced electronic signature does not have a high signature level, such as QES, and is also not regulated by law. They are only permitted as evidence in court, they must then be verified during court proceedings, for example, and the court must assess the effect of the signature after a precise analysis. However, ETSI (European Standards Institute) regulations support advanced signatures in various qualities (LCP, NCP, NCP+) even for this level. Swisscom fulfills the highest standard, “NCP+,” and is therefore audited. Swisscom is also listed with this with a green check in the Adobe Trust List (AATL). Such an audit can then help as substantial evidence in assessing evidence.