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What is a Registration Authority?

A Registration Authority (RA) is a body or organization responsible for verifying the identity and authenticating users or devices that require access to a particular network, system, or service. The RA is essential in implementing public key infrastructures (PKI) and other security protocols by verifying and validating certificate requests and requests from users and devices.

The RA is usually part of a hierarchical structure within a PKI, where a central certification authority (CA) grants final approval of certificates. The RA usually verifies a person's identity and confirms that they are entitled to receive the certificate. This can be done by checking documents such as passports, identity cards, or other proof.

The RA is, therefore, an essential part of a secure and reliable communication infrastructure, as it ensures that only authorized users and devices have access to protected resources.

Swisscom Trust Services delegates the tasks of the Registration Authority to companies with a so-called RA Agency Agreement. This gives organizations access to the free RA App, with which a company can independently identify and register persons for electronic signature.