SRS Direct - face-2-face identification

Requirements, service hours, supported languages, required ID documents, registration for signature level…

SRS Direct is a free face-2-face identification service in selected Swisscom stores and partner offices throughout Switzerland. Please visit our SRS Direct map to check your next available store.

The identification method enables the identification and registration for: 

  • QES in the EU according to EU regulation eIDAS
  • QES in Switzerland according to Swiss Signature Act ZertES.

After successful face-2-face identification, a person can sign electronically for up to 5 years without re-registration.

Supported languages of the registration agents:

  • German, English, French, and Italian

The service hours of the registration agents match the opening hours of Swisscom stores or partner offices. Please check the opening hours of Swisscom stores and partner offices on the SRS Direct map.

SRS Direct supports the following ID documents:

  • ID cards of EU/EEA belonging to the Schengen area
  • all passports

You can also check the current list of supported ID documents.

SRS Direct Service customers should activate their Mobile ID before visiting a Swisscom store or partner office. Mobile ID is a secure 2-factor authentication solution for your mobile phone. Mobile ID acts as a digital pen to authorize and approve your electronic signature in electronic signing. For more information, please visit the Mobile ID website to activate it on your mobile phone.

Please bring your valid ID card, passport, and mobile phone to Swisscom stores or partner offices. A driver's license, Swiss residence, working permit, etc., cannot register electronic signatures.