How do I know if I am correctly registered for the electronic signature and if I can sign? Where can I check this?

Option 1: Check your signing availability

You can check at any time on our Check signature website if you are properly registered, can sign electronically, or need a new registration. 

If the result is positive, you will see with which signature levels (QES, FES) and in which legal area (EU, Switzerland) you can sign electronically.

In case of a negative result, you will find out the reason for new registration and identification for the electronic signature.

Option 2: Check current registration status

You can check your current registration status on our Smartflow Website. On this website, you just login with your valid mobile number and enter the one-time code sent via SMS. Then, you will see a Dashboard of your current QES registration status and your signature approval means (authentication method).


We recommend using both self-service options for the current registration status of the QES and acceptance of the terms of use from the signing service.