BankIdent Switzerland - identification with e-Banking Login

Requirements, service hours, supported languages, required identity proof, registration for signature level…

Bank Ident CH, in co-operation with our partner PostFinance, describes the identification with valid PostFinance e-Banking login credentials. BankIdent CH uses valid identity proof based on the fact that you have been identified when you opened your bank account. The identification method enables the identification and registration for: 

  • QES and AES in Switzerland according to Swiss Signature Act ZertES

After successful identification with an e-banking account, a person can sign electronically for up to 1 year without re-registration.

Supported languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian

The service hours are 24h / 7 days.

Requirement for identity verification:

The person to be identified needs a valid account with PostFinance and the PostFinance app set up.