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quick and easy face-2-face identification for electronic signatures

According to the Swiss federal law ZertES and the EU regulation eIDAS, users of the electronic signature must be clearly identified and registered. With our self-developed and certified mobile Registration Authority App (RA App for short), we enable you as a company to take this identification and registration process for the electronic signature into your own hands. Only authorised persons, so-called Registration Authority (RA) agents, can perform the registration and identification of a person with the RA App for the electronic signature after completing an eLearning. The registration and identification of a person with the RA App is very efficient, usually takes only 2 minutes and consists of the following steps:

After successful identification and registration in the RA App, the identified persons receive an SMS with a link to the terms of use. If these are accepted, these persons can sign qualified electronically in all applications of our partners that have integrated the Signing Service.


The RA App supports a large number of ID documents (only passports and ID cards are allowed) according to the following list of countries. This country list of accepted ID documents is continuously being expanded by Swisscom.


After going through an efficient eLearning, which contains all the important information needed for identification, a person becomes an RA agent in a short time and can operate the RA app to identify and register other persons for the electronic signature in person.


The identification and registration process with the RA App is regularly checked by our auditors. The registered identities are stored as evidence in a secure Swisscom geo-redundant data centre in Switzerland.

How to get RA App

In order to get access to the free RA App, you as a company conclude a so-called RA Agency contract with Swisscom, which regulates and delegates the activities of the registration agent. In this contract, a first registration agent, the so-called Master RA agent, is appointed. The Master RA Agent is first identified, performs an automated e-learning to be able to use the RA App and is trained by Swisscom about the organisation and administration of its own RA Agency. Afterwards, the Master RA Agent can identify other employees of his own company and appoint them as RA agents or Master RA agents. The agents appointed by the Master RA Agent also perform the automated eLearning. The time required for this eLearning usually takes only 30 minutes. After successfully completing the eLearning, RA agents can download the RA App from the Android and iOS App Stores in Europe, log in with the RA Agency name of the company and independently start face-2-face identification of persons for electronic signature. Additionally, the master RA agent gets access to an administration tool of the RA service to manage their own RA agents.

Establishing a RA agency

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