Managed Authentication

for a choice of various authentication methods from the private or public cloud

With increasing use of cloud and managed services in conjunction with local enterprise networks, controlling user access rights to services and data is becoming more challenging. The Managed Authentication Service offers a variety of strong and secure user logins that can be flexibly adapt to user acceptance.

SaaS or dedicated Instance

You manage your users and the authentication methods on a multi-client instance or you use your own and exclusively instance.

Adaptive Login Procedures

Users go through strongly and secure logins when accessing corporate resources from third-party networks or with non-company devices. Users on corporate network can easily log in and also get a SSO experience.

Selection of Authentication

We offer a variety of authentication methods to our users and permitt them to use alternatives authentication methods, in case they forgot or lost its primary used method.

Flexible Integration

We support various transport and authentication protocols, which can be easily integrated into numerous user terminals or sessions.

Process Steps

With the conclusion of a contract, the service is immediately available to you. Depending on the version, you receive direct access to the SaaS service or your dedicated instance. From this moment on, there is no need to store passwords outside your company. User data is processed and stored in highly secure data centres in Switzerland.

1. User

User logs on to a cloud service of his employer while working in home office.

2. Methods

During the login process, the user gets a 2 factor authenticiation method which the system administrator has specified for him.

3. Authentication

The central authentication server verifies the login authorisation and whether the entry of the factors is correct.

4. Corporate Services

If the verification is positive, the authentication server allows the login request and the user is successfully logged in to use the cloud service.

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