IndustryHuman Resources

The digital transformation affects all areas of companies and HR departments are not unaffected. Digitising their own processes offers a great opportunity to increase efficiency in the department and contribute more to business success.

HR requires a lot of administrative effort without directly paying into hard business goals. Process automation is therefore an important keyword for the sector, which must increase its efficiency in order not to be perceived as a cost driver. Consistent digitalisation and extensive automation of processes relieve employees of routine tasks and make them available for more strategic activities.
On the other hand, there is the most pleasant experience possible for applicants in the competitive labour markets. The time factor should not be neglected here either: In the so-called war of talent, there is always the risk that an applicant will still change his or her mind if it takes too long to conclude a contract.
Swisscom Trust Services supports the digital, fast and yet legally secure onboarding of new employees with innovative signature solutions.

With profound advice to the right solution

Depending on the industry and the size of the company, HR managers face very different challenges. Requirements can also differ according to function, be it the rapid signing of employment contracts or more efficient recruiting. For many use cases, Swisscom Trust Services can draw on an extensive partner network and tried- standard solutions. However, in-house developments are also possible for special challenges.

In the latter case, our experts are on hand to advise throughout the entire process. They check which solutions from our service portfolio come into question and can establish contacts with various competent partners, for example when it comes to programming and implementing individualised identification methods and electronic signatures in existing complex software solutions or specific processes.

Competent consulting in all phases

The industry experts at Swisscom Trust Services analyse the needs, problems and previous processes of interested parties in detail before preparing an offer. Depending on the use case, this can consist of the integration of a standardised (partner) solution or a development specifically tailored to the use case.