The healthcare sector is severely affected by a shortage of skilled workers and staff overload. This translates into stress and can cause waiting times for patients. The data protection-compliant digitisation of complex processes offers great potential for increasing efficiency here.


Comprehensive digitisation of the health sector can standardise and accelerate processes, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This opens up resources for better patient care. With an electronic patient file, patients have all their health information in one central location at hand. This allows documents to be easily exchanged between general practioners, medical specialist and clinic.

Documents in the health sector very often require a signature or confirmation. Swisscom Trust Services offers the necessary solutions to ensure that this document flow can be digitised in a holistic manner, so that these declarations of intent can be made in a legally secure and efficient manner. Examples of this are electronic prescriptions, referrals, medical certificates, consents, etc.

Industry know-how is crucial

Health systems vary greatly from country to country. There are different regulations, and the degree of privatisation also varies. Depending on the stakeholders – health insurance companies, service providers, pharmacies, etc. – the specific requirements differ. Swisscom Trust Services has consultants or partners who know the situation in the respective market very well and are familiar with the legal framework.

In the latter case, our experts are on hand to advise throughout the entire process. They check which solutions from our service portfolio come into question and can establish contacts with various competent partners, for example when it comes to programming and implementing individualised identification methods and electronic signatures in existing complex software solutions or specific processes.

Competent consulting in all phases

The industry experts at Swisscom Trust Services analyse the needs, problems and previous processes of interested parties in detail before preparing an offer. Depending on the use case, this can consist of the integration of a standardised (partner) solution or a development specifically tailored to the use case.