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Banks are facing major challenges due to digitalisation. On the one hand, they have to digitalise their own processes, on the other hand, innovative fintechs are attacking established business models. The following applies to both: Today, customers expect smooth, fast and yet secure processes.


The financial sector is feeling the full force of the digital transformation. Favoured by the current low interest rate policy, investors are looking for alternatives to classic forms of savings and finding plenty of them. From ETFs to cryptocurrencies, there are a wide variety of investment forms that are easily and inexpensively accessible. In order not to fall behind, established institutions must also offer their customers digital products and services.

On the other hand, a digital-first approach is at the core of start-ups’ business model. The challenges are rather to bring the innovative services in line with the complex applicable guidelines and to deliver the best customer experience at the same time. Whether it is the digitalisation of existing processes or the compliance-compliant design of digital business models, Swisscom Trust Services is the right partner for the financial sector.

«The advantage of using the products of Swisscom Trust Services for our solutions is Swissness. We have a lot of customers who operate in the public sector or in highly regulated markets. It is an advantage that Swisscom Trust Services fulfils all compliance and legal requirements. It is also an advantage that you no longer need any smart cards or additional hardware components for electronic signing, but can simply use your mobile phone, which everyone always has with them these days. This is certainly a great advantage for our customers.»

Oliver Huser

CEO of object

The right solution for every use case

In the financial sector, there are many exciting developments and new business models all the time. For many use cases, Swisscom Trust Services can draw on an extensive partner network and tried-and-tested standard solutions. However, in-house developments are also possible for special challenges.

In the latter case, our experts are on hand to advise throughout the entire process. They check which solutions from our service portfolio come into question and can establish contacts with various competent partners, for example when it comes to programming and implementing individualised identification methods and electronic signatures in existing complex software solutions or specific processes.

Competent consulting in all phases

The industry experts at Swisscom Trust Services analyse the requirements, problems and previous processes of interested parties in detail before preparing an offer. Depending on the use case, this can consist of the integration of a standardised (partner) solution or a development specifically tailored to the use case.