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Digital Onboarding

In order to conclude legally compliant contracts in the digital world, customers need to be identified. Companies that want to combine compliance and a pleasant customer experience when onboarding new customers face a number of challenges.

User Experience

Onboarding processes must be simple, understandable and quick. Otherwise, frustration quickly arises among potential customers and they tend to abbort the process. In an age of intuitive apps and one-click ordering, companies simply can’t afford too much complexity.

Conversion Rate

From lead to customer is the goal and conversion rate the measure by which success is rated. Although there are many disruptive factors in the customer journey that companies cannot influence, onboarding does not have to be one of them – modern processes help to avoid abandonment.


A frictionless customer journey needs to offer the customer experiences without media disruptions. Ideally, they can identify themselves without having to change their device or wait. Simple onboarding is a clear competitive advantage today.


Companies are confronted with growing regulatory requirements. They have to build bridges between money laundering law, PSD2 and DSGVO on the one hand and a seamless customer experience on the other. But keeping track of the current legal situation alone can be difficult.

Our solutions for digital onboarding

Digitales Onboarding Digitale Kontoeroeffnung@2x

Open accounts online without media disruption

According to the regulations of Money Laundering Act, a customer must be identified when opening an account. Traditionally, this was done in person at the bank counter. Direct and online banks have had alternatives for some time: identification at the post office or by video call – but these are not ideal. The customer either has to leave the house or stick to the working hours of a call centre. The prerequisites for video calls are also not always given, either for personal or technical reasons.


Together with partners, Swisscom Trust Services enables a digital opening of accounts without media disruption. This procedure makes use of the interfaces created by PSD2. Thus, any person who is the holder of an existing account can be identified by a reference transfer.


The advantages are obvious: simple and fast handling (login in online banking is needed) for consumers and cost advantages as well as high scalability on the part of the providers.

Digitales Onboarding Traiding@2x

Trade shares immediately or gamble online

Trading apps and platforms and gambling are booming sectors within the internet economy. What all have in common: Customers usually want to get started immediately once they have decided on a certain offer. Long and complex identification processes can lead to many aborts in the customer journey.


In order to be able to use the offers, customers need to first deposit an initial amount. The interfaces created by PSD2 make it possible that information about the user can be transmitted securely during this transaction. Thus, the customer gets identified “on the fly”, which also includes the prescribed age verification.


The corresponding solution, which Swisscom Trust Services developed specifically with a partner, integrates simply so that it is invisible to the end user and does not create any additional complexity.

Digitales Onboarding Digitale Vertraege@2x

Simply digitise contract conclusions

High regulatory hurdles mean that contracts in the field of finance and insurance often still have to be signed by hand. With extensive forms, it can easily happen that customers make mistakes while filling them out. These are usually only discovered by the responsible clerk after the form has been sent, which further complicates the already long process.


Today, collaborative platforms make it possible to fill out contract forms together digitally. Just like at a branch appointment, advisors are available to their customers for queries and can see what they are filling out in real time.


Swisscom Trust Services ensures that at the end of this process the customer’s declaration of intent is legally secure – just as when the completed contract is presented to the customer for signature on site.

Solution components

Smart Registration Service

The Smart Registration Service (SRS) can be integrated to an existing onboarding process and offers various methods for identification. The SRS takes over the coupling of identification with an authentication method and enables unlimited electronic signing. This enables end customers to use the qualified electronic signature in an existing process to sign digital contracts directly at the end. In addition, it is possible to connect existing identification procedures and have them certified for the qualified signature. Learn more

Signing Service

The Signing Service is a cloud-based service for remote signatures. It can be easily integrated into existing onboarding solution using the Signing Service’s standard API. This allows companies to add electronic signing capabilities to their onboarding processes while taking into account the highly regulated compliance requirements in their respective markets. Learn more

Authentication Methods

Our authentication methods (e.g. Mobile ID) are the most secure two-factor authentications on the market and enable an electronic declaration of intent and the triggering of the electronic signature – whether at home or in the office. All what you need is a mobile phone with the authentication method already installed (e.g. Mobile ID, Banking App, etc.). These methods offer the most convenient completion of a digital form process. Learn more

Together with our partners to the digital onboarding

The Hamburg-based IT company Nect stands for the implementation of fully automated trust services with sophisticated technology. The patented Nect technology was used for the first time in 2018 in the form of AI-based online identification via app at R+V Versicherung. In the meantime, other well-known companies, including Telekom Deutschland, have joined the customer base. Today, with Nect Wallet, the company offers a solution to digitise identity documents fully automatically and to reuse them within seconds via facial recognition. The app is the best-rated in its field on the German market.

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As a subsidiary of the ELCA Group, CloudTrust is helping companies/corporations and individuals to secure their sensitive data and personal information. CloudTrust designs, develops, integrates and maintain the product trustID. trustID is an Identity Provider (IDP) solution compliant with Swiss eID regulation and certified by the Swiss confederation for Health services. Available as a SaaS or on-premise solution, the product is developed, operated and hosted in Switzerland in ELCA’s sovereign Cloud Infrastructure.

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Certifaction has developed the first eSigning solution with zero-document-knowledge through local processing and end-to-end encryption. Regulators and organisations are rightfully concerned about the security and privacy aspects of their digitization efforts. Its modular technology can integrate any type of identity networks and is fully compliant with strongest compliance and security requirements.

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