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As our Partner you benefit from our Signing and Identification Expertise

Would you like to add value to your application using qualified electronic signature and corresponding identification solutions in Europe or Switzerland? Would you like to use the Mobile ID or the Mobile ID Authenticator App as one-click 2FA authentication method in your applications? Here you will find all the benefits you can expect as a partner of Swisscom Trust Services. Contact our partner management.

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Your use cases are the key to our relationship. Customers are looking for solutions to their challenges. If our services can enrich your product or services and make your customers happier, we need to talk with you about it.

Added Value in your Solution

You and your business are the focus of our attention. We contribute technology to the backend and enrich your existing or future services. Everything as an end-to-end solution: from technology through to audit. Cooperation with us is easy.

Access to Customer and Partner Network

Do you have a solution that integrates our services, but you need to identify customers? Our partner model offers access to our customer network.

Go-To-Market Experience

Reach a wider audience or take your solution into an international arena. We will help you to give your go-to-market the right structure in our partner model. You sell Swisscom Trust Service “inside” and remain the face to your customers.

How is the UX?

The following examples of our partners give an overview of how the finished product “signature” can look and be like for your end customers. Numerous applications have already integrated our services. Please note that some links refer to external sites and Swisscom does not guarantee the functioning or the integrity of these sites.

Signing with QES in Microsoft Sharepoint

This is a demonstration of the integration of Signing Service in a Microsoft Sharepoint environment

ajila: FES signing of contracts in an easy and secure matter with Digital Deals

This is an external YouTube Link to our partner ajila

HR Swisscom: QES signing on employment contracts using the example of changing from full-time to part-time job

This is a demonstration of the integration of the signing service into an SAP environment (frontend representation).

Klarna: Order of a credit card using QES Ident (AML compliant bank identification and QES)

This is a click slideshow. No Klarna credit card will be ordered.

XiTrust: Digital workflow in MOXIS with QES signature by Swisscom Trust Services

This is an external YouTube link to pur partner XiTrust

ajila: opening Swiss private pension fund (Pilla 3a) with Digital Deals

This is an external YouTube Link to our partner ajila

Jemmic: SecuChat – secure chat solution including signing with QES

This is an external YouTube Link to our partner Jemmic

Downloads for Partners

The following downloads will give you more information, e.g. the partner presentation, which we will be happy to show you personally, order forms or the opportunity to try out our service in a 90 day free trial.

Order Form of Test Account Signing Service

With this application you can order a 90-day free trial account for the Signing Service.

RA Agency Contract (plain)

Collection of RA Agency contract documents for Swisscom’s Signing Service and use of RA App.

Prolongation of 90 days test account for next 90 days

Prolongation of an existing 90 days test account for another 90 days

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