Swisscom Trust Services offers free webinar

Ballpoint pen 🖊️ was yesterday – signing documents or contract 📑 with a qualified electronic signature ✍️ is the new normal!

In our free webinar 👨🏻 Swisscom Trust Services would like to present the qualified electronic signature in detail and show you, how quickly and easy it is to sign documents electronically from the comfort of your own home using our partners’ signature applications. All participants will receive a small surprise 🎁 at the end of the webinar.

Are you courious 💡 ? Register now for free:

When: Thursday, 07. May 2020: 10:00 – 11:00 o’clock

✅ Click here to register: https://swisscom.webex.com/swisscom-de/onstage/g.php?PRID=4ed6c65a1baea8f547ca28a341a7c546

Webinar is held in German.

The number of participants is limited.